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You Must Only Deal With A Licensed Roofing Contractor!


  1. You’ll have less of a fighting chance to reprimand them Normally if you have an issue with a contractor, you’ll simply call the licensing agency they’re with, the agency will of course be happy to talk to the licensed contractor and work out anything between you two, they’ll also help you recover any losses you’ve endured but what happens if the contractor isn’t licensed? Well you’ll have to court and everyone knows can be expensive and you may be left spending more on court than you would have on the contractor if you had just hired a licensed contractor.
  2. If they don’t have a license, what’s their incentive to have insurance?

Insurance isn’t cheap, if the contractor doesn’t have liability insurance, you’ll be stuck paying for any damages that happen to your home, and if they don’t have worker’s compensation insurance, you’ll be stuck paying for their medical bills, why should you have to pay for something that isn’t even your fault in the first place, all because the contractor you hired chose not to have insurance? Well, you shouldn’t.

3. What if their work doesn’t comply with building codes?

All licensed Atlanta roofing contractors have to take a test about their knowledge of the local building codes for them to obtain their license,now, say an inspector decides to inspect your home or business and they notice that your roof isn’t complying with the codes, you’ll be the one stuck paying for any and all repairs needed, and if you’re trying to sell this home or business, it could even decrease the value of the property, after all, you wouldn’t purchase a jacket passed off as leather, that you know is faux leather.

4. You could get less than quality roofing done.

You might be wondering why the quality really matters, it’s just a roof write? Wrong, what if your area is having a really harsh rain storm, or a really awful snow storm and while you think you’re safe inside your humble abode, your roof decides to come crumbling apart, not only do you have to pay for a new roof, hopefully from a licensed contractor this time, but you’ll also be paying for lodging costs while you wait for your roof to be done, a lot more expensive than if you had just hired someone licensed in the first place.

The question isn’t why you should hire a licensed contractor, because the obvious answer is that it’s not a choice if you want to know what you’re paying for, which should be quality.
You did pay for it after all.